1920 - No Worries, I Got This Iphone Case

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1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case

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1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case

1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case

Proxim's product, priced from about $2,000 to $6,000, will include all the equipment necessary to become a small-scale network provider. The price differs depending on the quality of equipment and add-ons that a buyer may want. Each kit can serve about 250 customers. By pushing Wi-Fi networks for outdoor use, Proxim and others are joining a new and growing market. A cellular technology called w-CDMA (wideband code division multiple access) sends broadband access to rural areas, including the entire island of Maui in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Usually, w-CDMA signals travel all over, bouncing off trees or buildings, The signals themselves can get so misdirected they actually interfere with each other as they find their way to a handset or cellular base station's antenna, said Jon Hambidge, senior director of 1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case marketing for IPWireless, one of the companies that uses the technology, But IPWireless recombines the signals to decrease the usual number of dropped calls or suddenly ended Web sessions, which result from the misdirected signals, Hambidge said..

Another outdoor wireless technology vying for the rural market of Wi-Fi wireless service is MMDS (Multipoint Microwave Distribution System). Sprint PCS is using the technology to deliver broadband access to homes in the Houston area on a trial basis. Unlike Wi-Fi, MMDS uses licensed spectrum; the two technologies also use different types of modems from one another. The Sprint PCS trial is generating some interest in the technology among other Internet service providers. There is also proprietary equipment for the market. Wireless ISP Aerie Networks of Denver uses equipment to run a high-speed wireless Web network in some areas of the country. Its patented equipment consists of radio receivers mounted to utility poles that shower an area with Internet access.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, "Cox and Comcast received the right at a future date (ultimately worth billions 1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case of dollars) to sell some or all of their At Home stock to AT&T, as well as an exit strategy from the contractual ties to At Home," the suit alleges, "The only 'loser' was At Home itself, which received unfair and inadequate compensation for participating in the transactions." The suit seeks $600 million in damages related to the options claims, as well as unspecified damages for breach of fiduciary duties..

A representative for Comcast said the company had no comment on the suit. But in documents the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Comcast said it believes this suit is without merit and intends to "vigorously" defend itself. Cox representatives could not immediately be reached for comment. But in a separate filing with the SEC, Cox also vowed to "defend this action vigorously.". Excite@Home filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and planned to sell its assets to AT&T for $307 million and then go out of business. But Excite@Home shareholders argued that the deal didn't place a high enough value on the company's assets. A protracted legal battle ensued. Customers of the company were eventually transferred to independent broadband networks run by AT&T, Cox, Comcast, Rogers Communications, MediaOne Group and others.

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