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j cole iphone case

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j cole iphone case

j cole iphone case

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Cell phones have now picked up where push fell down. Web surfing over mobile phones still remains a cumbersome task because of cramped keypads, slow download times and generally clunky interfaces. Although the number of people who download mobile data from their cell phones remains small--estimated at less than 7 percent in the United States last year--push technology is catching on. Companies such as Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless are now "pushing" news and sports scores to their customers to encourage more Americans to surf by mobile phone.

Push "was popular at the beginning of the Internet, when people weren't browsing that much and weren't used to it," Yankee Group wireless j cole iphone case analyst Eugene Signorini said, "The same is true of push on the mobile Web right now.", Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Rainey said part of the appeal is easy access to information while on the go, "It gives you instantaneous access to information, We've seen an increase in a number of people using the Web in day-to-day activities.", Surfing the Web on cell phones is often a tedious process, Typing a URL into a handset's tiny keypad is cumbersome; viewing Web results on a small, often monochromatic screen is uninspiring, To combat these ills, cell phone providers considered several software and hardware fixes, Yet push has proven effective--so far--since it is affordable, and easy to implement..

San Diego-based alerts service company Infogate, which owns the remnants of PointCast, has been slowly integrating push into a toolbar product that lets people receive targeted portfolio information and personalized news online. The company isn't looking to offer that capability for wireless devices, Infogate Vice President Paul Love said. Infogate customers say tiny cell phone screens make for tough reading beyond "more than a couple of words," he said. The company sends news and stock alerts to subscribers' PCs; information is sent to a cell phone only if the data is unread on the PC for a period of time.

After a canceled initial public offering and several failed merger and partnership attempts, PointCast was by venture capital firm Idealab, The company integrated PointCast with another of its acquisitions, Launchpad Technologies, which sold e-commerce software for online shopping, The merged company, based in San Diego, was called EntryPoint, Infogate bought EntryPoint last year and now sells personalized versions of its push technology to businesses such as CNN, j cole iphone case "I didn't want to use my fat fingers on that small keyboard," said Matthew Downs, a push wireless e-mail fan and networking and telecommunications consultant based in Singapore..

Push has simplified the process for many Web surfers. Reading a 160-character message dropped into a wireless in-box--all for $4 a month, on average--beats typing lengthy URLs with sore thumbs, fans of the technology say. Sports updates or other news alerts are among some of the most popular wireless Web services offered by companies such as Gordano, which sells messaging equipment to wireless and landline telephone providers. The company says it will soon add push to its offerings. Push and pullPush for cell phones seems to be mainly a phenomenon in the United States, but that could be changing.

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