// Shape Study #21 Iphone Case

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// shape study #21 iphone case

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// shape study #21 iphone case

// shape study #21 iphone case

The company now has two years to roll out NTT DoCoMo's new wireless network on a revised schedule, and $6.2 billion in AT&T Wireless stock says it will be on time. That's the gist of an amendment filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) putting teeth into the requirement that AT&T Wireless will launch at least 1,000 cell sites in San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas and San Diego using a new wireless technology by Dec. 31, 2004. NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest telecom, invested the money in January 2001 as part of a long-term agreement with AT&T Wireless to roll out so-called 3G, or third-generation, cell phone service in the United States. The deal, signed in December 2000, stipulates that the companies would launch W-CDMA-based services in 13 of the top 50 wireless markets by June 30, 2004.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, In the filing, Sendo claims that Microsoft lulled the company into a false sense of security by assuring that Sendo would // shape study #21 iphone case become Microsoft's main hardware partner once its smart phones--based on software called Windows Powered Smartphone 2002--hit the market, However, once the Microsoft smart phones launched, Sendo found itself sidelined, the filing alleges, "Microsoft's secret plan was to plunder the small company of its proprietary information, technical expertise, market knowledge, customers and prospective customers," the filing said, "Microsoft gained Sendo's trust and confidence through false promises that Sendo would be its 'go-to-market-partner'."..

When Microsoft first began demonstrating its handset--then code-named Stinger--to journalists, about two years ago, it used Sendo prototypes. Throughout the development process, industry observers expected that Sendo's handset would be the first Stinger phone. However, last year a different model emerged on the scene--a handset code-named Canary and manufactured by HTC, a Taiwan-based contract manufacturer. HTC is best known for Hewlett-Packard's iPaq handheld computer and O2's xda, a combination PDA-mobile phone.

At Microsoft's official launch // shape study #21 iphone case in October, it was the Canary, not Sendo's Z100, that became the, Sendo's filing says that Microsoft, as an outsider in the mobile phone industry, first approached Sendo in order to make use of the company's technical expertise and relationships with network operators, Once it had established its own relationships and made off with Sendo's technology, the software company turned to contract manufacturers who would fit in more easily with Microsoft's smart-phone plans, Sendo alleges..

"Microsoft provided Sendo's proprietary hardware expertise and trade secrets to low-cost original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who would not otherwise have had the expertise to manufacture handsets that would use (Smartphone 2002) and used Sendo's carrier-customer relationships to establish its own contractual relationships," the filing said. "Microsoft used Sendo's knowledge and expertise to its benefit to gain direct entry into the burgeoning next-generation mobile phone market and then, after driving Sendo to the brink of bankruptcy, cut it out of the picture.".

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